Hello and welcome to my little corner of the ether! You should be reading a book, but since you’re here, I suppose you might be looking for a book to read. What was the last one you read?

At the moment, I’m about halfway through Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle. I’ve heard there’s been a Netflix adaptation, and I hope they do it justice. I never saw The Handmaid’s Tale but I heard it was good… It’s just hard to go past Atwood’s incredibly beautiful and evocative writing, don’t you think? There are few filmmakers out there who could do it justice. I’ll warm up to these adaptations one day, I promise. I used to know someone who kept saying “The Handmaiden’s Tail” – I can’t help imagining Netflix adaptations being something like that. You know what I mean.

If you follow me on Goodreads, you’ll find that I like to post reviews of books I’ve read. That might help you get away from this infernal phantasmagoria of political opinion and social subterfuge in order to invest your eyes’ strength in something enriching and enlightening.

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