About the Author

Max Davine is an award-winning author, who was born in Victoria, Australia in 1989. He began working in film catching two buses and a train after school to hang out with film students while they worked on their projects, and progressed to a brief internship with a Los Angeles based production company as soon as he graduated. While working various jobs to support himself over the next few years, Davine studied acting with Peter Kalos at the Melbourne Actor’s Lab, taking various jobs on film sets and in studios before meeting a small-press publisher by chance and publishing his first novel, Terra Domina, in 2012. In 2013, his second novel, Angel Valence, scored him better attention and in 2014, The Red Legion and Off The Map followed. After the release of Dino Hunt in 2015, Davine postponed publishing to enrol in university, earning a Master of Arts in Writing and Literature in 2018 and a Master of Education for Adults in 2021, during which time, his sixth and seventh novels, Mighty Mary and Spirits of the Ice Forest, were published with Tamarind Hill Press.

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